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The 2019 programme of the new Newcastle Jazz Festival is excited to present the very best of Newcastle Upon Tyne’s jazz scene.

A whole festival of music in a single day, in a single venue.

A full day of music from North East artists: Zoe Gilby and Andy Champion’s bass and voice duo; two incredible and contrasting trios headed by Mark Williams and Alan Law; Emma Fisk’s violin and guitar duo with James Birkett; BBC Jazz Musician of the year Alexander Bone; and wrapping up with sets from Strictly Smokin’ Big Band feat. Alice Grace.

Tyne Bank Brewery provides the perfect relaxed venue to soak up the programme, along with food vendors Cheese Sir and Il Fuoco Pizza.

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Full day festival ticket £15.

1330: Zoe Gilby & Andy Champion
1440: Alan Law Trio
1550: Mark Williams Trio
1700: Emma Fisk & James Birkett
1945: Strictly Smokin’ Big Band

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